Rachel Speaks with Yoni Mazor & Lisa Kinskey of GETIDA

Rachel Johnson Greer of Azama talks about how she went from trailblazing as an Amazon employee to trailblazing for Amazon sellers.

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In this Prime Talk Podcast Sponsored by GETIDA – Rachel Johnson Greer – Founder of Azama – talks about how she went from trailblazing as an Amazon employee to trailblazing for Amazon sellers, and also more information about her life’s journey.

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About Rachel Johnson Greer of Azama – https://racheljohnsongreer.com/

Rachel Johnson Greer is a former Amazonian and founder of Cascadia Seller Solutions, acquired by Avenue7Media in 2022. She currently consults on product safety issues and business growth consulting for brands on Amazon.

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00:00 Introduction of Rachel Johnson Greer

01:03 Pacific Northwest

01:13 Washington Oregon Idaho

01:21 Seattle

03:41 Cascadia

08:14 University of Oregon

09:08 Central Washington University

09:10 Ellensburg

09:46 University of Oregon

20:28 Dominatrix

20:47 Domina

31:22 Jeff Bezos

40:38 Cascadia Seller Solutions

56:18 racheljohnsongreer.com

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