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A Unique Product Launch Experience

about the client

ILOLA Is A Unique Tea Brand

The tea is highly quality tea – but pressed into a disc. A Tea Disc is loose leaf tea compounded into a simple to use disc.

All of the health benefits, flavors, aromas and quality of loose leaf tea in one convenient Tea Disc.

IlOLA launched in 2022 with loose leaf teas, gift sets, and tea accessories.

The Problem

They received multiple awards and got onto Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2022. But, they were not selling what they hoped to achieve, and reached out to Azama Brands for help.

We learned that they were achieving significant traffic, but were achieving less than 1% conversion rate on the Oprah recommended gift item.

Traffic was not the problem; convincing customers that Oprah’s recommendation was the right one was the issue.

Strategic Consulting​

Expertise in Growth on amazon

Since our launch of the single Oprah recommended gift set, we have supported with strategic consulting.

We completed the research for the launch of the rest of the catalog, coordinating with the brand’s priorities on and off of Amazon.

Additionally, we have developed quarterly milestones to help implement iLOLA’s goals for their content on Amazon, to continue to accelerate their growth throughout 2023 and beyond.



iLOLA hadn’t yet been admitted into Brand Registry. Our consultant guided the brand through the errors they encountered in the process, making it possible to register for Vine.

product design

New Content

We immediately researched the customer avatars and SEO keywords to create the content for the listing. We updated the listing title, bullets, description, image carousel, brand story, and A+ within two weeks by Black Friday.

amazon storefront

Storefront Creation

We created a design for the Storefront and worked with the brand’s designer to make sure our design, captions, and visuals were on brand.



Once we completed our portion of the launch, we recommended additional suppliers to iLOLA to expand their business on and off of Amazon.

Research Driven Content Development

Image Carousel

Content Created For ILOLA

elegant gift

Primary Selling Point

A beautiful gift featured on Oprah!

Secondary Selling Point

Probiotic infused loose leaf tea

Third Selling Point

Loose leaf tea is messy; discs aren't

ilola gift box

"What's In The Box?"

Description of what the customer receives

dozens-of-flavors for ilola

Cross-Selling Point

iLOLA offers many tea flavors

Points Of Validation

Hand crafted, Woman-owned

Evaluation Of Performance

Product Launch Performance

Content improvements increased conversion from less than 1% to as high as 9% during holiday sales.

Excellent Traffic

But limited conversion upon launch

Conversion During The Same Period

The page was complete for Black Friday

Strategic Growth In 2023

Originally just one product - now sales from 31 distinct products

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