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Home & Kitchen Brand

A Brand Awareness Project

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Home & Kitchen Brand

This brand has been selling in retail stores for years, but recently chose to begin prioritizing the Amazon channel. 

Up to this point, the Storefront was basic and Posts were limited. There were less than 1000 followers. 

This brand launched on Amazon in mid-2021, and started focusing on brand awareness in mid-2022. 

The Problem

The products are high end décor in a competitive niche with higher prices than the competition. This can result in very expensive advertising due to the higher CPCs (cost per click) and lower conversion rates for new to brand customers. 

Our goal was to maximize the opportunities to get in front of repeat customers who know, like, and trust the brand and the brand’s products, and maximize opportunities for conversion. 

To accomplish this, we reworked the Storefront to increase “follow” actions, changed the design to maximize for retargeting campaigns, increased the volume of Posts, and started running fresh Live events. 

Strategic Consulting​

Expertise in Growth on amazon

Every month, we work on new ideas to grow the Storefront, grow followers, and engage with brand followers. 

We recently launched a new series of Amazon Lives, which we treat similarly to Instagram Reels or TikToks, since the average consumer only watches 1-3 minutes of any video content. 

As Amazon adds new features and tools, or changes their existing feature set, we will be working alongside the brand to implement effectively and maximize the value of their followers and former customers on Amazon. 


Growing Followers

Growing followers is best accomplished through explicitly calling for that action on Storefronts, and making lots and lots of posts. Then, email those followers until you get what you're really after - the ability to message your past customers.

product design

New Content

Whether it was Storefront design, Posts content, email graphics, or short Lives, we provided clear instructions to the client for content production and partnerships based on our decade plus of experience with selling on Amazon.

amazon storefront

Storefront Optimization

The Storefront has dozens of pages, to accommodate for how customers shop on Stores, versus how they shop in search or browse. The Store functions effectively both for browse actions, as well as working as landing pages for Storefront Brand banner ads micro targeting specific customer avatars.


Maximize Reorders

To increase brand awareness, we grew Posts, grew followers, and send emails. We also advised the brand's advertising team using Sponsored Display target prior customers. The brand gets 22%+ reorder rate every year - in a décor brand. We use Search Query Performance to track brand awareness by keyword.

Research Driven Brand Awareness

Measurable Improvements in Performance

Traffic & Conversion Increases Using Brand Tools on Amazon

Overall Sales Growth on Amazon

We started work on brand awareness for this brand in September of 2022. Note the volume of multi unit purchases per order, maximizing the value of every customer. They made less than $1M in sales in 2021.

31% of Total Sales Attributed to Storefront

The total sales for the brand was $5.6M, with $1.7 of it attributed to the Storefront directly. This is accomplished through micro targeted banner ads, plus an effective design focused on browse on the Store. Additionally, conversion is double the average conversion on the account, plus achieving 1.7 items per order versus 1.37 items per order for the overall account.

Overall Conversion Rate at 9.94% for the Year

Compared this to the 21% for the year on the Storefront. The primary benefit of selling through a Storefront on Amazon is that it has zero competition from other brands' ads, allowing you to tell your story to the customer and convince them without distraction.

Holiday Email Campaign

While still a new tool Amazon is offering, email campaigns are already achieving excellent results for a completely free tool. A 38% open rate would be considered lying in other channels. 2.8% CTR (click through rate) and over $1k in attributed sales - all for free.

Increase Followers - Email Past Customers

By increasing your followers, you can then jump through a few more hoops to be able to email your past customers. Post holiday open rates are even better than holiday open rates, with 4,525 emails delivered to customers and $606.01 in attributed sales - all for about 3 minutes of effort and no cost to the brand.

Live Event Performance

Only available through an iPhone app, Lives allow you to reach your customers directly through push notifications and app updates.

Expand Access to Emailing Past Customers

Build a Brand on Amazon

Use Amazon's new Brand tools to expand your brand on Amazon, communicating directly with customers via Live and Customer Engagement emails. Track your performance using repeat customer reports and Search Query Performance.

Client Feedback

Ken Tsai

“Rachel knows Amazon Seller Central inside out! She’s very knowledgeable and familiar with all the amazon compliance as well. Rachel helps small businesses to grow their amazon account with a customized, detailed, short-term, and long-term action plan. She will work very closely with a client to achieve the sales goal. Highly recommended.”

K. Tsai, E-Commerce Manager

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