case study:

Café Grumpy

A Content Relaunch Experience

about the client

Café Grumpy is a New York Coffee Shop

Hit hard by the pandemic, Café Grumpy is moving towards selling online as a greater part of its business goals.

Prior efforts on the Café Grumpy shop was ad hoc and by various employees using available content.

Café Grumpy relaunched their products in the fall of 2022, with new products.

The Problem

The basic content was inaccurate, had outdated images of the old packaging, and didn’t clearly transmit the idea of what the product is, or why customers should buy it.

Coffee is a crowded marketplace on Amazon, and it can be hard to differentiate one type of coffee from the next.  Additionally, any advertising undertaken on the account consistently cost more than it returned.

Our task was to adjust the content on the page to reflect the benefits of the coffee, and get the conversion rate high enough to justify advertising investment.


Strategic Consulting​

Expertise in Growth on amazon

Since our launch of the initial whole beans bags, we have supported with strategic consulting.

We completed the research for the launch of the rest of the catalog, coordinating with the brand’s priorities on and off of Amazon.

Additionally, we have developed quarterly milestones to help implement Café Grumpy’s goals for their content on Amazon, to continue to accelerate their growth throughout 2023 and beyond.

Our services


Limited Selection

Café Grumpy had limited selection of just whole beans due to 100% reliance on FBA. However, the primary benefit of having an actual coffee shop selling coffee is they could grind upon request! We added ground selection for customers and restarted cold brew.

product design

New Content

We immediately researched the customer avatars and SEO keywords to create the content for the listing. We updated the listing title, bullets, description, image carousel, brand story, and A+ and tested over a period of a few months to ensure quality results.

amazon storefront

Storefront Creation

We created a design for the Storefront and worked with the client and our designer to make sure the design, captions, and visuals were on brand. We provided the client with requested video and photographic content based on customer feedback.



Once we completed our portion of the launch, we recommended additional suppliers to Café Grumpy to expand their business on and off of Amazon.

Research Driven Content Development

Content Created for Café Grumpy

Image Carousel

Cafe-Grumpy direct sourcing

Primary Selling Point

Sourced directly, not through distributors​

“What’s in the Box?”

Description of what the customer receives


Secondary Selling Point

Well-caffeinated on the go option

“Where Is It Made?”

Description of sourcing

Cafe-Grumpy waxed cartons

Third Selling Point

Packaging is environmentally friendly

Points of Validation

Brooklyn Roasted, Woman-owned

Evaluation of Performance

Product Re-Launch Performance

Content improvements increased conversion from a highly variable conversion rate to a more predictable number, ready for advertising growth

Highly Variable Conversion in November

Account performance before the optimization was complete

Consistently Higher Conversion in 2023

With pages that better explain the value offered

New Variety Success Based on content

This listing was not a top seller but now can be for Café Grumpy

Strategic Growth in 2023

Expansion to Fresh Ground and Cold Brew

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